Why cycle around the world?

Have you ever been travelling and thought it’s tough sometimes to get off the well-ventured road?


You’re thinking like us! We chose to bicycle tour around the world for a few reasons:

  • You can really take in the fresh air, take in the landscape and be in nature all the time.
  • You have the freedom to go where-ever you want without having to rely on public transport.
  • Want to change your route? Just cycle another direction!
  • You see a different side of the place you’re in.
  • You experience things you may miss if sticking to major towns and routes.
  • You get a sense of accomplishment every day.
  • You get to meet awesome people locally and through great websites such as www.warmshowers.org.
  • People go out of their way to help you out – we’ve had countless people come out of their houses to offer their hospitality, whether it was a glass of cool water, a place to stay, a meal and even to wash our laundry!
  • You often glide downhill and just sit there and feel the breeze in your face and watch the beautiful landscape around you.
  • We find all sorts of secret spots by asking locals if there’s anything nearby to see.
  • You get an awesome work out! Cycling is commonly known as a pretty great cardio exercise.
  • You have lots of energy every day and sleep really well.
  • You get to meet a lot of cute animals on country roads. Horses, cows, sheep, dogs – you name it, they’re curious about what you’re doing. Kangaroos, echidnas, wombats and koalas – not so curious!
  • Have you ever had a meal (and a beer) after cycling 50 miles? It tastes pretty great!
  • It’s an inexpensive way to see the world.
  • It doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Above all – it makes you happy! See the below video for a demonstration: