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Hay, wanna join us?

 Meet us on the Road

We’re always keen to meet with people who love travelling as much as we do. If we’re passing by you, flick us a message so you can let us know! While we’re living as cheaply as we possibly can, you don’t need to spend money to have fun in great company.

If you are bicycle touring and your heading in the same direction as us – we’re always up to cycle with fellow enthusiasts.


If you wanting to get your music out there, we’d love to showcase it on our video logs. You will be credited in the description of the video with a link to your iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube channel, Facebook page etc.

All musicians featured in our video logs will be also credited on this page as a contributing musician where we can link to your media pages.

Contributing musicians:

John Muirhead


Let us camp on your lawn!

Our trip is completely self financed and, while we plan to be living as cheaply as possible on the road, we would be forever indebted if you had a small patch of lawn on which we could pitch our tent. If you or anyone you know live on our route, we will be very grateful for the hospitality and chance to meet people from around the world.


We know it takes a lot of work and skills to make a living on travel blogging. While we would be thrilled to be able to do this at some point in the future, at the moment we are finding our feet and want to make sure we spend enough time connected with our surroundings. We do however review some of the products and places we encounter in our travels.

Most of all we want to share our experiences with the world, in hopes to inspire others to get out and get on their bike.

Thinking of another ways to get involved? Get in touch with us at