10272515_10152464206814920_1436627707783958956_oFrom a very young age both of us started to unearth our sense of adventure and travel. Dan to the Philippines to learn about his heritage and Erika to Panama on a school trip to practice Spanish and explore the jungle. In 2014 we met while couchsurfing at the same house. Both on solo trips, we decided traveling could be better together, and enjoyed each other’s company for a couple weeks before setting back out on our own exploits. Erika to eastern Europe to find a $100 bicycle and ride up the baltic countries, and Dan to the hospitable countries of Armenia and Georgia to experience the world’s best (and cheapest) wine and xachapuri.

Over 9 months of Skype calls later, we settled in Melbourne, where Erika shared her dream of cycling the world with Dan…well it was more of an ultimatum. “I’m doing this. Are you coming with me?” And thus were planted the seeds of this trip.

After three years of toiling and nights of coming home only to say “let’s go bicycle touring”, we pulled up the Virgin Australia website and bought tickets to Seattle. Non-refundable of course, so you know, no turning back from here and what not. We saved and saved, sold our few belongings, and decided it was time to live with only what we could carry on our bicycles (which happen to include a guitar and banjo) whilst learning to be more resourceful and living simply.

We created Little Bike Ride to share our experiences with the world, and to inspire others to hop on their bike or follow where their own sense of adventure is calling. While we are hoping for a big and long-term trip, we realised that it takes little to get on your bike and go. If you’re reading this and are thinking of doing something similar, have done it, or are currently doing it, we’d love to hear more about your thoughts on bicycle touring, and any other dreams or realities of living a nomadic and simple lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more from our little bike ride.